You can now download and play BGMI on iPhone and iPad in India: Heres how

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May 29, 2023

The day all the Battleground Mobile India players have been waiting for has arrived. While the game was announced mid-May, the developers Krafton did not update the Play Store and the Apple Store for the game’s download to the public. 

However, Android users were given the chance to preload the resources of the game on May 27 while iPhone and iPad users were waiting for their turn. And it’s finally here! iOS users from today, May 29, can download BGMI on their device. 

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There were various speculations about the 2.5 update and how it will unfold as the comeback version. The gamers can finally explore the changes in the game that you should be excited for in this comeback.

Having discussed the date the game will be downloadable, let’s also check out how you can download the game on your device.

How to Download BGMI on iPhone?

Where on May 27 Android users were given the chance to download the download preloaded resources on their device, the developers Krafton announced on the same date that iOS will be given the chance to download the game on May 29

Krafton stated, “Invite your mohalla, re-plan your weekends, dust out the strategy call-books, and grab your IGL back in the squad, because BGMI is BACK!”

The primary reason for holding on the downloads for iOS users was that the developers are expecting a whopping response from the Indian gamers and hence, to maintain a seamless flow of downloads the company divided the platforms preload.

You can download the game with ease by reaching out to the Krafton official website for BGMI and then clicking on the App Store which will redirect you to the download page of either App Store. 

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Requirements for BGMI

The game requires an Android 4.3 or above and at least 1.5 GB RAM for smooth functioning and as for iOS, the Apple operating system should be 9.0 or later with a minimum of 2.4 GB RAM.

The brand-new map in the game called Nusa, flaunts various in-game events, weapon upgrades, and new skins. The game also advised a new rule for gamers under 18, that the game time will be 3 hrs in the whole day and for the adults it will be six-hours a day.