Working On Website Content

Performing market research is your first step in developing content. Create real value for your site visitors. The simplest and most effective market research is asking questions. Ask your customers what interests them. Pay attention to the questions they have for you. Keep a history of the most frequently e-mailed questions or concerns. In the process learning about your customers, you can begin developing your content.

Valuable content helps your site visitors to make better purchasing decisions or to learn about your product offerings. In addition, content drives more traffic to your site. Search engines love content. The more the merrier. Search engines consider frequently updated content valuable. When search engines believe your site contains valuable content they send you more traffic. If you have the same content as other sites your site may be penalized. Too much duplicate content and your site could be banned. Getting banned is considered a death sentence for a domain because it is excluded from search engine results thus losing out on visitors.

Content without organization is chaos, so be sure your site is optimally categorized. Name each category with a concise and descriptive title. The categories should be consistent throughout the site for optimal navigation.


A website with poor usability results in decreased revenues. Your website is not about you, it is about your customers. Dedicate yourself to creating a website that is best suited for your audience. It is not enough that you fell in love with your web site the first time laid eyes on it. The only fact that matters is what your customers think. Do they like it; do they hate? The only way to find out is ask.

Your customers can be your best usability testers. If they hate your site they will leave immediately, unless you have zero competition. Don’t even think about it, there is no business without competition. Your visitors may put up with smaller inconveniences such as a broken link. Don’t assume that your customers love your site because they don’t tell you anything. Be proactive and communicate, offer online surveys, e-mail them with specific questions.