WhatsApp sticker maker on Android will make your chats more fun very soon

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May 23, 2023

Recently WhatsApp has been introducing a lot of new features for both iOS and Android. Similarly there was also a recent feature which allowed iOS users to create their own stickers on WhatsApp itself. 

The testing for the iOS Beta version has been started already and going on. But now there are rumours about Android gaining the same as well. For WhatsApp on Android presently you can create stickers or sticker packs using third party apps only. But it isn’t official yet when this feature is coming to WhatsApp on Android. 

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How will WhatsApp sticker maker work on Android

So, this feature for Android will be similar to that on WhatsApp for iOS. It will help Android users cut out something from a picture to make it into a sticker. With this certain other features will be added like removing background.

This testing is ongoing for iOS users as mentioned earlier and soon WhatsApp Android Beta users will also get the opportunity to test this out. 

As of now this is all that we are aware of about the WhatsApp Android getting the feature of sticker making. Anything else hasn’t been confirmed yet. Once WhatsApp officially announces it and rolls it out for testing then everything will fall in place. 

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