Waiting for a Google AirTag? Chipolo Find My Device trackers have you covered

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May 10, 2023

Chipolo has announced two new item finders that will be the first trackers to work with Google’s revamped Find My Device service.
The Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point are available to buy now with shipping beginning in July 2023.
The two trackers will be powered by Google’s new location-tracking network that is “powered by a network of billions of Android devices around the world.”

Between all the talk of AI (boy, was there a lot of it) and fancy new devices like the Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, it was easy to forget a missing device we expected to see at Google I/O 2023. The Mountain View company’s I/O portfolio was heavily leaked prior to the big day, and those leaks included hints at a bonafide Apple AirTag alternative from the Big G reportedly called the Nest Locator Tag. Sadly, that wasn’t to be, but the newly-revamped Find My Device service won’t go without a compatible location tracker thanks to Chipolo’s Android-centric Chipolo ONE Point key finder and Chipolo CARD Point wallet finder.

The two new trackers are available to pre-order from today on Chipolo’s store page with shipping promised for, “the second half of July 2023.” The ONE Point (the tiny circular model) and CARD Point will retail for in the US, respectively, with the latter undercutting the AirTag by a singular buck. In the UK and the rest of Europe, the two will cost £30/€34 and £35/€39, again respectively. They come in a new Off White finish which will please fans of Chipolo’s typically colorful designs.