UP boy turns deaf by TWS earbuds use, doctors warn about dangerous trend

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Jun 2, 2023

While advancement in technology is helping us and enhancing our lives, sometimes it can also harm us if we aren’t careful. On the same lines, Times of India reported the case of an 18 year old UP boy from Gorakhpur who was a victim of hearing disability due to prolonged use of earphones. 

The boy was taken to a team of doctors in Delhi where the surgery for his auditory complications took place and the team was successful in restoring his disability. Post the surgery the doctors have claimed that there have been multiple cases around the same lines. 

Earbuds, irrespective of their build, are being widely used and have become a part of our lifestyle. India is currently leading the truly wireless earphones (TWS) market with 74.7percent year-over-year growth. 

However, the necessity of the technology does not justify the harm it is causing. Here, the earbuds users are advised by the doctors to use the 60/60 rule. Where you use the volume of the device at 60% and do not use the device for more than 60 minutes.   

“Just like our body, the ear canal also requires ventilation, and prolonged closure leads to the accumulation of sweat and subsequent infection,” doctors suggested in the TOI report. 

According to CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) study more than 12.5 percent of children and adolescents ranging between the age of 6-19 years (around 50 lakh in India) and 17 percent of adults ranging in the age of 20-69 years (around 2.6 crore in India) are suffering from permanent hearing damage due to excessive exposure of sound, especially audio devices. 

Few tips for safely using any TWS earbuds / earphones 

Turn down the volume: Let’s start with the basics: keep the volume as low as you can so the soundwaves do not harm your eardrums unnecessarily. Focus on enjoying the sound experience, not assaulting your eardrums with noise!

Prefer headphones, not earbuds: The major difference in earbuds and headphones is that headphones cover your ears in its entirety however, earbuds are closer to your ear funnel making the eardrum more vulnerable to the direct soundwaves. 

Take adequate listening breaks: Irrespective of the type of audio device you use, remember to take breaks so that your ear muscles relax occasionally.

Set volume limit: You can set a volume limit on your device so that your ear gets accustomed to that volume limit and is not vulnerable time and again.

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