Two new kits for The Sims 4 release tomorrow, adding goth clothing and castle-themed build mode items

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  • Two new kits for The Sims 4 release tomorrow, adding goth clothing and castle-themed build mode items
Jan 17, 2024

The latest downloadable content (DLC) for The Sims 4, the hugely popular free-to-play life simulation game, has been revealed and takes the form of two highly anticipated kits.

The new kits are the The Sims 4 Castle Estate kit and The Sims 4 Goth Galore kit – two themes that were selected by the The Sims 4 community in a vote last year. As the name would suggest, the Castle Estate kit adds 25 build mode items themed around castles. This includes new windows, decorative columns, and, of course, a very imposing front gate.

Although it doesn’t quite look like everything that you would need to truly build the castle of your dreams, it should be a good compliment to some of the pre-existing castle-like items that were released as part of the larger The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack. You can see all of the items included in the Castle Estate kit below:

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The other new kit, Goth Galore, is focused on clothing for your sims and contains 24 pieces of fashion inspired by goth culture. This is definitely a welcome addition and some of the new makeup options alone here will probably make it a worthwhile purchase for me. These are all the items included in the Goth Galore kit:

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

For those not already familiar with how The Sims 4 handles its DLC, kits are bite-size add-ons that add a small smattering of build mode items, clothes, or even new mechanics to your game. They cost $4.99 / £4.99 and are a good way to get some extra content without breaking the bank – if you’re willing to shell out the cash.

Both of these new kits will be available to purchase tomorrow (January 18, 2024) and are coming to every platform where The Sims 4 can be played, which is PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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