The best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G chargers

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G was always going to be a hit. The Galaxy A5x series never fails to do big numbers in terms of sales, thanks to the promise of an affordable mid-range smartphone from a top manufacturer. Samsung never takes too many risks on the line, and every generation seems to incrementally improve on the last. That means you’re probably not going to be blown away by the capabilities of the devices, but this risk of disappointment is negligible. The Galaxy A54 5G has lived up to expectations of a Samsung phone and then some, with a sleek design reminiscent of the S23 series, an improved camera array, and Wi-Fi 6 among the upgrades this year.

Another nice feature of the Galaxy A54 5G is an ample 5,000mAh battery that can keep the phone running throughout a busy day and beyond. But when it comes to charging, the prevailing trend of recent years means that no charger comes with the phone. You’re going to need one, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G chargers.