The best hard games on Switch and mobile

Apr 14, 2023

There are many games out there. Some you chill with, others you play with friends, then there are a few that are known to destroy controllers – we’re, of course, talking about hard games, but what ones are out there? Well, we got our butt whooped many times, met our demise so often the underworld now feels like home, and made groundhog day seem like an enjoyable experience, so that we can bring you the best hard games on Switch and mobile – no need to thank us. It’s fine, really.

If hard games aren’t your jam, perhaps our lists of the best Mario games, Lego games, FNAF games, Horror games, and fashion games are more to your liking. Or, if these games aren’t hard enough, you can test your mettle with our picks for the best Soulslike games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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