Samsung Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TV: 3 interesting features of this TV

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May 20, 2023

After a lot of buzz surrounding its foldable phones launch date, Samsung revealed another new product from its consumer tech portfolio. The South Korean tech giant has recently revealed a smart TV, the Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TV. 

Samsung has said that the TV aims to offer affordability with flagship features. The TV has launched in India and its price and accompanying features have just been revealed to the world. So, let’s have a look at the new Samsung television.

What’s the price of this new Samsung TV?

This new Samsung TV will be available in different sizes and it will be priced accordingly. The TV ranges from 43-inches to 65-inches and accordingly the price goes from ₹33,990 to ₹71,990.

Samsung Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TV features

The TV comes with Samsung Crystal processor 4K which enhances the lower scale resolution and also adds to the overall colour vibrance. 

Another great feature supported by the Samsung TV is that it comes with a slim-fit camera which allows you to set up video calls via the TV. It’s powered with Tizen OS which gives access to Samsung TV Plus, the company’s free ad-support TV and video-on-demand service that brings 100 channels in India.

The TV can adjust its brightness as well, just like most high-end smartphones, with the help of built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding feature and IoT-enabled sensors. The calm onboarding helps connect to not only Samsung devices but all devices in your home very easily. 

The TV also comes with Smart Hub which is an amalgamation of different experiences like- Entertainment, Gaming, Ambient options etc. 

You can easily use this Samsung TV for gaming as it comes with Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator features. This adjusts the smooth transition and enhances your gaming experience. 

Samsung Crystal 4K iSmart UHD TV availability in India

The TV will be available for sale online on Amazon, Flipkart and the Samsung shop. Also, additional information, you can avail a 12 month no cost EMI option to purchase this TV from any leading bank.