Google may pray for AI to save Tensor G3 chips reputation in Pixel 8 phones

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May 22, 2023

After the dust has settled from Google I/O 2023 and all the interesting hardware launched at the event, Google doesn’t want to miss a beat and is working towards its next big hardware product launch – its flagship smartphone, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. 

One of the reasons why the Pixel 8 series is Google’s flagship series is because it will come with newer hardware features. Google is calling it the next generation phone as it will feature the new and improved Tensor G3 chip in it. While Google hasn’t revealed anything as of yet, rumours have some story to tell about this new AI-powered chip in the works from the search-engine giant. 

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According to rumours, the new Tensor G3 chipset won’t have as good a performance as its other flagship counterparts. This could be a potential deal breaker, if true. But that’s not all, rumours are also suggesting that this Google chip will be coming with top notch AI under the hood, which will allow Google to still showcase some never-before-seen applications on the Pixel 8 smartphone later this year – and save its reputation. 

Let’s have a look at how AI can be the saviour for the upcoming Google Tensor G3 and Pixel 8. 

AI may come to the rescue for Tensor G3

Google’s Tensor series of chips’ performance has been traditionally tuned to excel in AI-related tasks, and even on the Pixel 8 series AI will continue to be a gamechanger for these chips. 

However, the expectations are that Google will also work on Tensor G3 chip’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), however Google won’t easily reveal anything about its TPU. But it is expected that improvements in TPU will lead to improvement in different voice-based tasks on future Pixel phones – not to mention improved computational photography that will redefine the standard for smartphone photography.

Some other expected features of Tensor G3

Google doesn’t really focus on the CPU upgrade, but rumours say that this time some upgrade is expected. That can only be understood once Google unveils it all.

The Tensor G3 is supposed to be manufactured on the production line of Samsung’s 4nm. Here is another difference and a major change between Tensor G2 and Tensor G3.

If the company moves towards Cortex-X3 then it is believed that Google won’t have to think much about the Tensor series and its performance lags, but that’s a big if at the moment.

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The Tensor Series’ major concern has always been its heating issues and lower battery life in comparison to other major smartphone flagships, but rumours say that this time the problem will be solved as it should come with smaller manufacturing node

So, overall if these are fixed and the rumours turn out to be true, then you would definitely want to get hold of the Tensor G3 on Google’s upcoming hardware. That would also mean bonus points for the launch of the flagship Pixel 8.