Domain Parking.. Does It Work?.. My Tests And Results

Domain parking is one of those ideas that when you first hear about,you think;”That’s too good to be true!”.What is it?.Let’s say you have a Domain name,but you don’t have the time,money,or the technical skill,to develop your own website.You “rent” it out to a company who provides the website, the hosting ,and the advertising.What do you get out of it?.You get a share of the ad revenue your domain(s) generates.It is the internet equivalent of a land lease where the property owner retains title to the land but turns over the use of it in return for rent.Similarly;the land owner is responsible for the taxes,which in this case would be the annual renewal of the domain registration.

Of course the first, second, and third question is;…”how much money can I make doing this?”.Well, I had the same question, as I had amassed a collection of domain names of varying quality that were just sitting around.Wouldn’t it be great to just get checks in the mail!!!.Like most people I tried to do some research to see what the best company to go with would be.So I will be the crash test dummy for you,the reader!.

The first place that many people hear about is Go daddy,since they are the biggest domain registrar,and yes,they do have a domain parking service,which is heavily marketed on there website,like most of there products.In case you didn’t know, most domain parking services are free to the domain owner;after all ,the parking company is taking the lions share of the revenue from your domain(s).I doubt that 2% of there customers ever see any revenue after subtracting the parking fee.I decided quickly that that product was a no-(Go daddy)bad pun intended!.But that still left plenty of other choices!.

This will have to be the end of the first chapter,but I intend to report on all the various services that I am testing to learn more about my “adventures in parking” please take a minute to visit my website!.