Digital Media

We help individuals and business the Transformation of printed marketing material, presentations, reports to Digitalization.  

Impress your visitors with modern technology, priceless.

Are you still using traditional printed menu and it is damaging in days, non hygienic?  Still printing your presentations, reports on paper? Business on printed one, and forget to carry along you? but it is important at present? Hey! you are on right place, impress your visitors with all new digital menu - with scan by QR code. Share your presentation, report my email with high standard with clear details, take your business card along with you digitally.

Yes all you reading the reality, business card with clickable link you can share to your visitors so that they wont miss any where like you did. As long as they have your message or their phone they will keep your digital business card and share to many peoples without losing theirs.

Why are you making late? start message us, just 24 hours we will send you the final copy, unlimited revisions.

With minimum expenses, long life, light weight

Restaurant Scan(QR) Menu

Simply display your menu digitally in new way, by showcasing your food list with price, photos and videos. Take advantage of this new feature that will guarantee an increase in sales & guest satisfaction while being more personalized with your guests by still providing physical table service.

Digital Business Card

Brandemi offers a digital business card service that allows professionals to create and share their contact information online. With a user-friendly interface and customizable templates, the service helps individuals enhance their online presence and streamline networking efforts.

Power Point Presentation

Brandemi provides a power point developing service that helps businesses create engaging and effective presentations. From concept development to design and formatting, the team of experts ensures a polished and professional end result. The service is customizable and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Digital Invitation

Brandemi's digital invitation card developing service enables businesses and individuals to create eye-catching and customizable digital invitations for events and gatherings. With a range of templates and design options, the service simplifies the invitation process and enhances the overall event experience for guests.

Digital Price Tag QR/NFC

Brandemi's digital price tag with NFC and QR service allows businesses to create interactive and dynamic pricing displays. By integrating NFC and QR technology, customers can access additional information and make purchases with ease. The service streamlines the shopping experience and enhances customer engagement.

Digital BioData / Resume

Brandemi's digital bio data and resume service enables job seekers to create and share professional and engaging resumes and bio data online. With customizable templates and a user-friendly interface, the service enhances job search efforts and simplifies the application process. The service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

What are the benefit?

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