Deal alert: iPhone 13 at just 25,900 on Flipkart, over 36,000 cheaper

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May 26, 2023

Are you looking forward to purchasing a new iPhone but have been waiting for a good deal? Well, we have good news. The flagship iPhone 13 can be yours at almost ₹25,000, believe it or not! 

That’s right, and we checked: after a reduction of ₹36,099, the Apple iPhone 13 is being offered on Flipkart for just  ₹25,900. 

The iPhone 13 will soon be a two-year-old flagship from Apple, yet it is still competitive with the majority of high-end smartphones on the market. Due to the Apple iPhone 14’s dearth of new features, many people continue to view the Apple iPhone 13 as the true flagship. 

The Apple iPhone 13 popularised the diagonal rear camera design, which the company has continued to use. If you want to purchase a high-end flagship handset but have a limited budget, the Apple iPhone 13 is unquestionably one of the finest options. 

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Recall that the initial price of the Apple iPhone 13—which was released in 2021 alongside the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and mini—was ₹79,900. Apple iPhone 13 models with 256GB and 512GB of storage are now available for ₹79,900 and ₹99,900, respectively. The Apple iPhone 13 is currently on Flipkart for ₹25,900 after being discounted by ₹36,099, nevertheless.

After a discount of ₹7,901, the Apple iPhone 13 is advertised on Flipkart for ₹61,999. Additionally, customers can receive 5% cashback when using a Flipkart Axis Bank card. The price of the Apple iPhone 13 now stands at ₹58,900. 

In addition, purchasers can receive a discount of up to ₹33,000 in exchange for an outdated smartphone. Customers may purchase the Apple iPhone 13 from Flipkart for about ₹25,900 after all promotions and bank discounts.

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iPhone 13 deal thoughts

If you want to purchase a premium Apple iPhone on a tight budget, the Apple iPhone 13 can be a wise choice because it has very similar specifications to the Apple iPhone 14 at a considerably lesser price. For more details about the features, you can check out our iPhone 13 review. 

So what do you think about this iPhone 13 discount deal on Flipkart? Will you think of buying it? If not, send it to at least one friend of yours who wishes they could afford an iPhone but can’t, this is a great opportunity for them to fulfil their dream of owning an iPhone 13.