Boat Wanderer Smart is a new kids smartwatch with 5 features that keep children safe and connected

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May 21, 2023

Boat has launched a new smartwatch for kids named Wanderer Smart. It is priced at ₹5000 and for that price, it brings a host of specially curated features like built-in calling support, parental controls, and a location tracking facility to ensure your child stays safe and connected. Let’s have a look at all of this Boat watch’s features.

Boat Wanderer Smart features: What makes it wanderer-friendly and smart?

1. Boat Wanderer Smart has got in-built 4G Sim connectivity, a mic, and a speaker setup. This means your kid can make voice calls and text messages over the LTE network. 

2. As part of its parental controls, you can block calls from unknown numbers on the watch. There is even an option to enable auto-answering and hear background noises and voices. These features should let you quickly talk to them and know their whereabouts.  

3. Thanks to cellular connectivity and built-in GPS, you can triangulate the child’s real-time location. You can set geofencing boundaries, and crossing which sends a notification to the Boat Wanderer app. The same app lets you locate the watch using GPS tracking. 

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4. In case of emergency situations, kids can press a dedicated SOS button on the watch to alert selected contacts. Kids can also make video calls to you through the 2MP camera on the watch.

5. All of these comes packed in a rugged build that’s IP68 water and dust resistant. The watch claims to run for up to 2 days on its 650mAh battery. It is rated to last 68 Hrs on standby.

Among other things, the Boat smartwatch also sports a 1.4-inch touchscreen, a step-tracking feature and a multi-purpose clock.

Boat Wanderer Smart price and availability

You can buy the Boat Wanderer Smart watch from Amazon or the official Boat website at an introductory price of ₹5,000. The smartwatch is available in Aqua and Coral colours.