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May 27, 2023

Every now and then we need to record our phone screens for various reasons and most Android smartphones do not have a built-in screen recorder. Hence, people end up installing some 3rd party screen recording app. One such screen recorder app was found trojan-infected and was removed from Play Store by Google.

The screen recording app’s name is iRecorder. This app was installed by over 50,000 Android users. It was developed in 2021 and apparently a year later it was infected by malicious code. After which the app could easily track and upload user’s files through extensions for audios, videos and other ways possible. 

Play Store has removed the app but people who already have it on their phone will have to uninstall it manually. 

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The app passed all tests of security when it was first launched. It seeks permissions for its core use case. But later it started indulging in the nefarious act of recording audio using the phone’s mic. 

According to researchers, the app was infected by AhMyth RAT which is a very powerful tool and can easily extract messages, calls and even contacts on the phone. Even getting the location is pretty easy. 

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After the iRecorder was detected to have the malware, Google took prompt action of getting rid of it in order to safeguard its users’ privacy. As earlier mentioned, the app was installed by 50,000 people already by the time the malware was detected. So, a lot of users had already faced the problem by then but they could never understand what was causing it until the recent revelation. So, now people who have it, need to uninstall and protect their phone.