AMD Unveils Next-Gen Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile and Desktop Processors

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Jun 13, 2023

AMD has announced the launch of its new Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile processors, raising the bar for x86 processor performance and efficiency in Windows 11 business laptops and mobile workstations. The company also unveiled the Ryzen PRO 7000 Series processors for desktops, bringing the power of “Zen 4” and AMD RDNA 2 integrated graphics to the professional desktop user segment.

The Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile processors leverage AMD’s “Zen 4” architecture and RDNA 3 integrated graphics to provide optimal performance for business applications. The processors also feature AMD PRO technologies and a dedicated AI engine on select models, named Ryzen AI. This integrated AI engine marks a world-first for AMD x86 processors, enabling premium AI experiences and transforming business laptops. It is expected to offer unique advantages in next-gen collaboration, creation, productivity, predictive UI, and AI-powered security features.

AMD’s new processors do claim to present a significant bump in performance. The Ryzen 7 PRO 7840U processor, for example, supposedly offers an average 17 per cent increase in performance over the x86 competition and up to 15 per cent better battery life while video conferencing, compared to an Apple M2 Pro processor.

On the desktop side, the Ryzen PRO 7000 Series processors come with up to 12 high-efficiency “Zen 4” cores and up to 5.4 GHz boost frequency. These processors also feature RDNA 2 architecture-based integrated graphics, delivering impressive performance for professional workloads. The processors support the latest technologies, including DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5.0 storage, and ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E.

In addition to performance and efficiency improvements, AMD’s new processors offer enterprise-grade security features via AMD PRO technologies. These features include AMD Memory Guard, Secured-core PC, and chip-to-cloud security technology enabled by Microsoft Pluton.

The Ryzen PRO 7040 Series Mobile and 7000 Series Desktop processors are expected to be available in systems from leading PC vendors, including HP and Lenovo, starting this month.