5 Best Websites For Booking The Cheapest Flights Of 2024

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May 23, 2024

If you need to pay for a flight with cash instead of miles, it’s smart to compare fares with multiple airlines before booking with a relevant airline credit card or a general travel credit card. But since checking each airline’s website separately can be time-consuming, it can be helpful to use a third-party website that compares dozens of airlines at once.

Flight-checking websites fall into two main categories: online travel agencies (OTAs) and aggregators. Both types of sites allow you to search for flights, but OTAs take things a step further by directly handling the booking process as well. Another difference is that OTAs generally show just one fare for each flight, while aggregators let you compare prices from multiple OTAs and let you see what you’d pay to book directly with the airline.

Speaking of booking directly with the airline, there may be advantages to doing so that go beyond price. For one, it could be more complicated to deal with flight changes or cancellations when you’re working through a third party.

On the upside, you’ll likely still earn airline miles and receive status benefits when you book through an OTA, which isn’t usually the case for hotel bookings. In many cases, you’ll also be able to take advantage of any perks that may come with your airline credit card such as free checked bags or priority boarding.

For this study, we ran pricing tests and compared the features of 15 popular websites for checking flight prices. We excluded credit card travel portals like Chase Travel, Amex Travel and Capital One Travel, although those can be valuable too if you happen to have a rewards card with one or more of those credit card issuers. Based on the scores each site received, these five websites came out on top for finding the cheapest flights in 2024.

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