3 big iOS 17 features that will improve Apples mobile experience at WWDC 2023

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Jun 5, 2023

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place this week, and while the whole world is waiting for Apple’s mixed-reality headset to appear, iOS 17 is pretty much the focus of the entire developer focused event.

Quite a lot of iOS 17 features have been teased from various Apple analysts, updates that will enhance iPhone and other usability aspects related to Apple’s mobile operating system. We’ve put together three main things we feel Apple’s going to make announcements related to iOS 17:

1) Apple focus on extensive care of your health

Apple is looking into their user’s health extensively and iOS 17 is heavy on how they are turning the iPhone into a multi-layered personal health and fitness tracker for every user. Apple is allegedly working on a journaling app which enables logging in thoughts and activities, which will further get analysed to get a hold on users’ daily habits.

NEW: Apple plans an AI-powered Health and Wellness digital coaching service for next year. Plus, the Health app is coming to the iPad this year alongside new features for mood and emotion tracking and vision condition management. https://t.co/V9n8pIgfCi

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) April 25, 2023

Apple is also adding a feature to the Health App which will have a mood tracker asking you day to day questions and then analyse your mood. 

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2) Turn iPhone into smart home display

As per expectations, iOS 17 may also have some improvements related to screen functionality. Apple is working on some iPhone lock screen interface which might just work as a smart home display to control and pair with the likes of Google Next or Amazon Echo. 

NEW: Apple is planning a new smart-display-like mode in iOS 17, a new interface for information and notifications when an iPhone is locked and in landscape mode, as a major new feature. It’s a potential precursor to a standalone Apple smart home hub. https://t.co/mgFsu4nQ6x

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) May 24, 2023

When you turn the phone horizontal, the interface will show “information such as calendar appointments, the weather and notifications.”

3) Apple Wallet will get an update in iOS 17 

Apple Wallet is expected to get an update but what the upgrade will be exactly still isn’t clear. Does Apple want to push forward some financial aid to its devices perhaps? Jest aside, Apple’s Wallet app getting an upgrade during WWDC 2023 sounds like a plan. 

The Apple Park Visitor Center is one of the only apple retail stores in the US to support contactless pay straight from an iPhone. Awesome to see in person! pic.twitter.com/GiFDiL56OO

— Michael  (@NTFTWT) May 15, 2022

These are some of the very important features that we are definitely expecting to be featured in iOS 17. But again, these haven’t been confirmed by Apple yet and we have to wait for WWDC 2023 for Apple to confirm it all. 

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